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Pastures from Space Map Service

The Pastures from Space program provides estimates of pasture production during the growing season by means of remote sensing. Satellite data is used to accurately and quantitatively estimate Pasture Biomass or Feed On Offer (FOO) or combined with climate and soil data is used to produce Pasture Growth Rate (PGR) estimates. 

The aim of the program is to deliver near real-time information tools at a whole-farm and within-paddock level, that will underpin tactical and strategic decision making for Australian agricultural businesses.

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Pasture Growth Rate Map Service - Public Access
A zoom level restriction applies to this service. For more information about our value added services please contact Simon Abbott ( / tel. 08 9387 0343) or our commercial partner, Fairport Technologies (web: , , tel. 08 9367 5814).

Pasture Growth Rate Map Service - Subscriber Access
This service is only available to project partners.

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